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Hastings Research writes, rewrites, edits, and organizes company information to be:

  • More useful to your employees
  • More accessible to your customers
  • More appealing to your prospects
  • More valuable to your organization

We help turn your data into information, your information into knowledge, small profit centers into big ones, and expensive liabilities into profitable assets. Sometimes this can be done with fine-tuning or minor additions to content or the organization of content; other times it requires realignment of an information system.

Our clients are typically people who operate in a world of clear and present consequences: project managers, production managers, department heads, and C-level – people who are accountable at the bottom line. We also work with web analytics and market research departments, who contact us when they need an outside view or skills they don't have in-house.

We write, analyze, rewrite, edit, and manage most types of written content, including:

  • Original content from advertising to white papers
  • Rewriting copy from creators whose first language is not English, or rewriting overly technical content into bridge-the-gap language for regular readers from employees to customers
  • Designing taxonomies and concept clustering to clarify navigation and content for both employees and customers
  • Schedule recovery on overdue content projects

How big an improvement can we make? A lot depends on the size of your organization, and how much momentum it has. With huge organizations, change is incremental – but in such situations a 2% improvement in communications can make a huge difference. In smaller organizations, we can routinely improve an information system by fifty percent or more, as measured by faster user searches, greater user satisfaction with the information provided, and dramatically reduced calls on customer service and tech support.

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Doug Engelbart: the Man, the Vision, and the Machine, (inventor of the mouse) by Nicholas Carroll at Hastings Research.


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