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Hastings Research works with information systems to make them more useful to your employees, more accessible to your customers, and more valuable to your organization. We help turn your random data into profit centers, small profit centers into big ones, and expensive liabilities into profitable assets. Sometimes this can be done with fine-tuning of code or minor additions to databases. Other times it requires rebuilding of an information system.

We build, analyze and improve most types of electronic information systems, including:
     Company knowledge bases.
     Traditional media developing online content distribution.
     Website development including information architecture and usability.
     Local-to-website search engines.
     Taxonomies and concept clustering.
     Web analytics from micro to macro, including software installation.

How big an improvement can we make? A lot depends on the size of your organization, and how much momentum it has. With huge organizations, change is incremental – but in such situations a 2% improvement in the system can make a huge difference. In smaller organizations, we can routinely improve an information system by fifty percent to two hundred percent or more, as measured by faster user searches, greater user satisfaction with the information provided, and dramatically reduced calls on customer service and tech support.

Courtesy of the harsh economic times that started in 2008, we are continuing to see growth in clients who do not know exactly what they need, based on the rumor that we are less expensive than dealing with the giant consultancies. The rumor is correct, and not surprising, since we often supply the actual deliverables work for such consultancies. However, the reason we are less expensive is that Hastings is in the business of providing deliverables rather than sales presentations. All of us have worked in Fortune 500 companies, higher learning, and NGOs – and we are aware that even senior executives often need vendor sales support to sell the work to their own C-level and financial people. While we do not have a sales staff devoted to on-site presentations, one of our core competencies is producing well-written proposals or participating in phone/video conference calls. If that potentially serves your situation, please contact us.



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Doug Engelbart: the Man, the Vision, and the Machine, written by Nicholas Carroll, principal at Hastings Research.


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