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Internet, Web, and Hyperlinking Papers

This page links to technical papers concerned with three themes:
  • Worldwide compatibility of documents (and electronic objects in general) across the WWW and beyond
  • Collaborative computing, including the storage, retrieval, and sharing of information
  • Knowledge compounding

Technical and Human Considerations In Creating Precision Hyperlinks:
Thoughts on hyperlink syntax for granular addressibility, view specification, and human- and machine-readability. Nicholas Carroll, 12/22/2000

Retrieving Information from Dynamic Knowledge Repositories - Overview:
Overview of some data structure and information retrieval thoughts about OHS DKRs. Nicholas Carroll, 2/8/2001

Cataloging of DKR Objects (by the author or creator):
Encouraging and guiding authors in adding metadata to DKR objects. Nicholas Carroll, 2/7/2001

Why Unicode Won't Work on the Internet: Linguistic, Political, and Technical Limitations.
Norman Goundry, 6/5/2001

The U.S. Phone Nomenclature System as Applied to Dynamic Knowledge Repositories:
A Recap of Bell Labs Research. Sheldon Brahms, 6/9/2001

The Anti-Thesaurus:
A proposal for improving Internet search while reducing unnecessary traffic loads. Nicholas Carroll, 10/19/2001

The Anti-Thesaurus, Part 2:
Expansion of Proposal for Increasing Search Relevance. Nicholas Carroll, 12/19/2001

After the Dot-Bomb: Getting Web Information Retrieval Right This Time
Marcia J. Bates, Department of Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, 8/3/2002

Search Engine Optimization and User Behavior
An article for the 2010 edition of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences. Nicholas Carroll, 2/16/2010.

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