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Refining Search Engine Position To Improve Targeted Marketing:

Beyond the "More Eyeballs" Mentality

    Report Coming in April 2002

This report will be for companies that get – or hope to get – a significant percentage of their business from search engines. To a small niche company, that might mean 90%. To a multi-national, a 2% increase in business can make it worthwhile.

Backgrounder, in three sentences: Search engines are increasingly classifying web sites by subject matter, often called "themes." Web sites that are consistently "on message" rise in search engine rankings. Web sites that are all over the place fall in the rankings.

This report tells how to tighten the message of your web site, through both technical and editorial tactics, to gain better search engine rankings and increase the number of paying customers coming to your site. It is addressed to both the marketing and financial people making decisions about a web site, and the technical and editorial people carrying out the work.

This is a "whole site" prescription – though it can be carried out step by step, without rebuilding a web site from scratch. It is not a vague theoretical approach, nor is it a narrow tips and tricks report on search engine optimization. The information is specific, comprehensive, and based on knowledge we have acquired in developing numerous web sites from the whiteboard all the way to search engine positioning, and profitability.

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