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  Refining Search Engine Position – report cover

    Refining Web Site Position
    To Drive Online Marketing

    To be released in 2016

In 1997, when we first wrote about the serious prospects for online marketing, the chase was for "more eyeballs." Today the talk is about page views and unique visitors and time on page. It comes to the same thing – and makes as much sense as Walmart counting the cars in the parking lot instead of the money in the cash register.

In 1997 the focus on "eyeballs" over sales didn't make much difference. Total online sales were guesstimated at $5 billion dollars – a drop in the bucket compared to the traditional mail-order catalog industry. The real money was in building overvalued companies and reselling them for billions.

Today, in 2016, online sales revenues have eclipsed the revenues of the cool companies that once made instant billionaires. Total online sales are still guesstimated, but we don't spend much time reading statistics about online sales, because one thing stands clear: companies are making serious money online. To a small niche company, that might mean 90% of their revenue. To a multi-national, a 2% increase in business can make it worthwhile.

This report is addressed to both the marketing and financial people making decisions about a web site, and the technical and editorial people carrying out the work.

This is a "whole site" prescription – though it can be carried out step by step, without rebuilding a web site from scratch. It is not a vague theoretical approach, nor is it a narrow tips and tricks report on search engine marketing or usability. The information is specific, comprehensive, and based on knowledge we have acquired in developing many web sites from the whiteboard all the way to profitability. We also include experience-based suggestions on who in your organization can best handle the job, or what kind of consultants will actually deliver results.

Benefits to targeting your web site

    Increase desirable web traffic
    Increase ROI
    Increase sales.
    Decrease undesirable web traffic
    Cut costs on bandwidth and server maintenance –
       regardless of whether the servers are in-house, or at a web hosting service

    Focus the company brand
    Get better feedback from IT about the current web traffic

    Simplify systems administration
    Simplify web site maintenance

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