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Harrison-Hoge Industries has been in business for 60 years, producing fishing equipment, boats, and sporting gear. They are the leading manufacturer of fishing lures in the U.S.

Unlike most companies new to the web, they'd been advertising profitably for decades, and they understood that the web is a direct marketing medium. With that knowledge, they'd been able to increase online sales 100% annually. But now they were down to 50% annual increases. When they called us, they were wondering if they'd topped out.

There were two things they didn't know.

One was how web site visitors think and behave. It's a lot like advertising in magazines, but the "Back" button makes a big difference. We made specific usability suggestions that made the site stickier - and got more visitors to the order page.

The second was, "who's looking for what?"

That is, they knew they were selling inflatable boats. They just didn't know what people were looking for on the search engines – and that's a big, big question, when you sell a niche product on the web.

We mined our search phrase databases for anything related to boats, water, or water sports, and came up with some surprising potential uses for inflatable boats. We suggested putting up specific high-content pages to draw in these potential customers.

Result: sales rising at 100% annually again.

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