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Web Site Reviews

Hastings Research performs reviews for all types of web sites: ecommerce, non-profit, government, interactive, and informative.

Because web sites are hugely politicized parts of organizations, with dozens (hundreds?) of stakeholders, reviews are entirely confidential, and released only to the client. We hear from CEOs, CIOs, heads of sales, marketing, and even HR. Though there are many elements to a successful web site (full list at the bottom), clients normally call us with a specific concern. These are a few we've heard:

"We haven't had many complaints from customers. So why aren't sales figures higher?"

"I think our engineers are wasting time with cool programming tricks. Yes or no?"

"Are we losing sales through incompatibility with older browsers?"

"The cost of maintaining our web site is getting out of control. Can it be streamlined?"

"Basically our web site is the same as our printed brochures. Something bothers me about this...."

"I can't find stuff on our own site."

"Why don't we have more traffic?"

Hastings can answer questions like these, whether the problems are usability or deeper technical issues, and deliver a report in clear English.

Some Specific Issues in Web Site Performance
  • Focus - many web sites try to serve too many masters
  • Ease of navigation
  • "Depth" and "width" of the site
  • Speed of aquiring a link
  • Download speeds locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Browser compatibility
  • Legibility

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