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User Interface and Human-Computer Interaction

"Interfaces That Work"

We build software interfaces and web sites. Build, not design. Graphic design is part of what we do, but a secondary part. Interface – and the larger construct called a web site – is the connection point between highly complex machines, and even more complex human minds. In short: it's complicated.

At more length: it involves psychology, neurology, physiology, color theory, and kinesics – since you have to consider the users' memory retention, computer sophistication, myopia, presbyopia, dyslexia, color perception, and hand-eye connection.

It means knowing computer code, since you have to know what the machines can and cannot do, and how to glue together interface, databases, and programming.

It draws on information science, and decades of research about how humans search for and interpret information, which is essential not only to building interfaces, but designing the underlying data structures.

Familiarity with foreign markets helps, since a European does not read English words the way an American does.

And experience is good, because it is expensive to rediscover things that were known 40 years ago. The difference between having this knowledge or not, is the difference between the finely crafted instrument panel of a Boeing 747 and a typical VCR.

Going back to short: it's more than a pretty picture. It has to work.

If you need a web site or interface that works, please drop us an email.

Contact us at info@hastingsresearch.com

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