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Nicholas Carroll – Bio

High-Tech: Nicholas Carroll is a content strategist, Internet analyst, and software designer for Hastings Research, Inc. Aside from analyzing patterns of Internet and website use, his work includes setting strategic goals for .com, .org and .edu websites in the U.S. and Canada, including information architecture, traffic sourcing plans, UI, navigation, usability, web analytics, SEO, and site search. He currently works in developing next-generation information distribution systems. His background is in project management, software, computer systems architecture, media, and marketing. He has lectured about ecommerce and search at UCLA and Stanford University at the graduate level.

Journalism/Writing: ( Carroll has had several business books published, as well as hundreds of articles on high technology and business, in newspapers ranging from the Chicago Tribune to the Toronto Globe and Mail as well as information science publications. His 1997 marketing papers Mousetraps on the Web were widely praised for the application of traditional direct marketing strategies to the new technologies of the Internet. His most recent technical publication is "Search Engine Optimization and User Behavior", an article for the 3rd edition of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences. Forthcoming biography: Doug Engelbart: the Man, the Vision, and the Machine, written from the perspective of someone who worked directly with Engelbart on high tech projects.

Ongoing Project: the translation and online posting of the Taoist Canon (Daozang), translated directly from the 84,000 woodblock prints of the 1445 edition: The Zheng Tong DaoZang Translation.

Legal Writing and Professional Work: Carroll is an expert witness for defamation of character lawsuits, particularly those involving social media and online/internet libel, and emotional distress as a result of defamation. Legal books and publications include Dancing with Lawyers, Fighting Slander, and Law of the Blog.


Nicholas Carroll

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