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Reports on Internet Development and Infrastructure

Traditionally Hastings Research reports have been for individual clients. Public work has consisted of think pieces such as the hugely-read June 2001 whitepaper on Unicode or technical papers related to Doug Engelbart's Open Hyperdocument System.

As of Fall 2001 have been publicly releasing finished reports on Internet development and infrastructure. These reports are based on our independent research, and aimed at readers who are in development, or making financial and strategic decisions about development.

October 1, 2001: Wireless Usability 2001-2002 Report.
        The full study results and analysis of currently available wireless devices and services in the U.S., based on extensive user tests. The initial part of the report covers the results of the study – the research. The second part describes the potential ways to effectively implement wireless right now, whether as a user of devices, or for delivering content (and ranging all the way from the practical and affordable, to the absurdly expensive).
53 pages, with charts and illustrations.

Forthcoming Spring 2002

Refining Search Engine Position To Improve Targeted Marketing: Beyond the "More Eyeballs" Mentality

The Potential for Asian and European Wireless Technologies in the U.S. Market
        A medium- to long-range view of 3G, i-Mode, SMS, and other technologies currently erupting in Asia and Europe. Where the Wireless Usability 2001-2002 report was produced by our technical staff, this report will be the converse produced by our market researchers, and vetted by our technical staff. The report will cover the marketing and technical realities of importing these technologies to the North American marketplace.

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